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Monthly Archives : July 2015


It is now 25 years since I registered my own technology business and at the time it was fortunate that I was already the director of a major division of a company who wanted to sell it with preference for a management buyout. That was a complicated process and a big learning curve for me but looking back it was much more simple than business today. Yes it’s more complicated and if you do not get to grips with its complication then success will be hard to come by.

Business is more complicated but not as much as today’s fast moving technology so when the data centre industry saw an opportunity to simplify infrastructure management why did they make it so complicated? Too much too soon is the answer? So we are now recently invited to join a webinar on five reasons that DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) as failed.

I will not be joining the webinar because Advanced Datacentre Systems knew the complications of too much too soon and now have a good number of successful progressive DCIM systems in major companies. Taking the building block approach and prioritising the integration by returned efficiencies provides a foundation for fuller incorporation of systems when time and budgets will allow, if it’s worth it.

Talking of budget this week’s UK first full conservative one for 19 years is very complicated!

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