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A Good Relationship between a Company’s Information Technology and Facilities Management Teams Is Now Essential

Advanced Datacentre Systems Limited (ADSL), using the Sensorium™ solution, has created a holistic  DCIM solution for a large corporate bank.

We think this successful solution owes a lot to the close working relationship between the client’s IT and FM teams. Such a relationship was rare for companies 5 years ago, but with the server cabinet power and environmental state closer to their critical tolerances, we feel that it is now essential.

When a 400 cabinet data centre is up and running, we realise the true reactivity of the cooling and air flow requirement in the whole facility. We know that the DCIM solution only works with accurate real-time information from intelligent devices with systems gathering data from the whole facility. The FM team will also play a big part in energy efficiency requirements of the future, but they rely on a Building Management System (BMS) to give them the necessary real-time information to manage the facility effectively. It, therefore, makes sense to integrate this with the enterprise software.

Our client’s management team knows that real time information is crucial for alarm management in mission critical data centre situations. This means, for example, that standby power can be instigated if an outage occurs. These standby systems are reactively fast, but the cooling systems for the data centres are relatively slow, so predictive monitoring is essential to prevent overheating. Although the process is much quicker, the benefits of knowing what is about to happen far out way the possibilities of arising critical situations. Similar applications are being used by the team for comparison of important metrics such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Well established Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AMT) systems use this method for regression monitoring to ensure energy efficiency is optimised.

Real-time BMS systems have been around since the 1980s, but the industry uses many different network protocols. Integration with IT enterprise software can be done, but differing protocols make it more expensive. This is especially true for legacy systems. Clients realise that the answer to this for future new works is with their consultants, specifiers and procurement teams. It is crucial that all network infrastructure equipment uses Standard Network Management Protocol (SNMP) in all new facilities. The majority of manufacturers have recently introduced this option in their range of equipment to comply with IT standards.

ADSL provides systems that are tailored to the client’s changing requirements so we are dedicated to ensuring quick action on developing these needs into the Sensorium™ software.

What are the benefits of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software
What are the benefits of DCIM software?

DCIM Software is a relatively new breed of software, designed to give a data centre the capability of running their operations more efficiently by improving their infrastructure’s design.

In a nutshell, it is a solution designed to streamline a data centre’s management, by including all aspects of its operations in one place – from traditional data management through to physical assets, facility management, IT domain administration and so on.  read more

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