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Datacentre and Building Management System Protocols: “Get smart, get Simple”

Am I the only one that thinks the Information Technology (IT) industry Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) would be the perfect solution for data integration in all future facilities?

As we progress further with new buzz of Machine to Machine (M2M) technology a common topology must be adopted. The most extensiveinformation highway in any Data Centre or Smart Building is the IT network so why complicate the total data infrastructure solution by having different topologies for other data providing systems and devices

Manufacturers of most facilities equipment, systems and devices provide a SNMP version therefore why do consultants, contractors and clients allow buyers to procure network products of different topologies when the construction process begins? Maybe it is first rather than life cycle cost driven?

Smart building technology and BMS have been around for a long time but unfortunately numerous topologies still exist within these industries. The future of M2M technology in all forms is assured but the journey should be made easier by ensuring all devices have an Internet Protocol (IP) address with open access to common data.

Advanced Data Centre Systems software Sensorium™ has provided a number of high profile clients with a successful Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution but it is much more difficult to integrate the IT and BMS systems when different topologies are adopted. The difficulty will grow exponentially as M2M grows so “get smart, get Simple”.

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