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What do they have to say for themselves?

It is now 25 years since I registered my own technology business and at the time it was fortunate that I was already the director of a major division of a company who wanted to sell it with preference for a management buyout. That was a complicated process and a big learning curve for me…

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A Good Relationship between a Company’s Information Technology and Facilities Management Teams Is Now Essential

Advanced Datacentre Systems Limited (ADSL), using the Sensorium™ solution, has created a holistic  DCIM solution for a large corporate bank. We think this successful solution owes a lot to the close working relationship between the client’s IT and FM teams. Such a relationship was rare for companies 5 years ago, but with the server cabinet…

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What are the benefits of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software
What are the benefits of DCIM software?

DCIM Software is a relatively new breed of software, designed to give a data centre the capability of running their operations more efficiently by improving their infrastructure’s design. In a nutshell, it is a solution designed to streamline a data centre’s management, by including all aspects of its operations in one place – from traditional…

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There’s a lot more to Advanced DataCentre Systems. We don’t just provide Data Centre Infrastructure Management Solutions. We find out what you want from a DCIM, and build that solution around you – not anyone else.

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