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How the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) and Carbon Trust ECA schemes can help cash flow.

Be more energy efficient and save Tax is the message from the government and HMRC!

The data centre industry in the UK has now been recognised with its own Climate Change Agreement. Joining 50 other energy intensive industries in the country Data Centre businesses will be able to attain a reduction in carbon taxes as long as they meet energy efficiency targets.

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, in the 2013 Autumn Statement, said the government will introduce a climate change agreement for the UK Data Centre sector by the end of the year. That target was not met but this is a chance for the industry to influence how the scheme will best work in practice to the benefit of all. Now expected to be introduced in 2014 senior Data Centre industry specialists are assisting in ensuring the scheme will work.

A CCA can encourage businesses to have dedicated management who will use energy efficiency tools to ensure that computing activity is consolidated into purpose-built or modular facilities that use less carbon.

Further tax efficient methods can be achieved by incorporating intelligent tools into Data Centre design such as Automated Monitoring and Targeting (AMT) combined with free cooling techniques etc. These methods can deliver carbon reductions without affecting expansion. Tax can also be saved by using the already existing Carbon Trust Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA) where capital cost can be written off in the first year of that investment in qualifying technologies.

The Sensorium ™AMT application uses tried and tested techniques from the energy efficiency industry which are endorsed by the Carbon Trust as part of the qualifying requirements for the ECA scheme. Energy efficient products which are commonly used in Data Centres are included on the ECA Energy Technology List (ETL) and qualify for incorporation into the ECA application along with AMT systems for certification by HMRC of capital costs to be written off in the first year of that investment.

Sensorium™ associated products are designed and manufactured to be low energy and low environmental impact. Sensorium™ products will be submitted for approval to the Energy Technology List based on replacing like legacy products for more energy efficient ones.

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