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Why should you include Sensorium™ software when designing a Data Centre?

Definition: A Sensorium is the sum of an organism’s perception, the “seat of sensation” where it experiences and interprets the environments within which it lives. In earlier use it referred, in a broader sense, to the brain as the mind’s organ (Oxford English Dictionary 1989). In medical, psychological, and physiological discourse it has come to refer to the total character of the unique and changing sensory environments perceived by individuals. These include the sensation, perception, and interpretation of information about the world around us by using faculties of the mind such as senses, phenomenal and psychological perception, cognition, and intelligence.

In a similar way to the definition Sensorium™ software gathers information from the Data Centre nerve ends (sensors). This information is then transmitted to the nerve centres (network controllers). The network controllers then provide managed packets of data to the Sensorium™ engine (the brain) which carries out bespoke routines to produce a management tool in graphic form showing the status and reactivity of a Data Centre facility.

Using the Sensorium Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AMT) system Data Centre managers are provided with an important tool in the developing area of energy efficiency. Methods such as regression monitoring can be used with this tool. This is essential in order to be compliant with the Climate Change Agreement targets, ECA scheme or EU Emissions’ Trading.

We also need to ensure that the nerve end devices such as intelligent metered PDU’s, network controllers and sensors are designed and manufactured to be accurate to fiscal standard but also energy efficient with low environmental impact themselves.

To conclude we believe that DCIM with a bias to power and environmental management can give a better return on investment in the long term than one biased to asset management.

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