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INFRASRUCTURE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (IMS) – Prioritising the Building Blocks

Whatever building you have the ideal is to incorporatean IMS that collects useful data and converts it into a format that meets the criteria for the management of that facility. The holistic approach is the end goal where the manager fully understands the reactivity of the space in a stable or changing environment. Essential is the practical presentation of meaningful information in a friendly format.

HolisticIMS solutions incorporate disparate systems into one. However these building blocks need to be prioritised. Prioritisation depends on the type of facility but some of the systems may need serious investment to raise the level of intelligence for data gathering. In this instance return on capital spend will need careful consideration.

The old adage still stands “If you do not monitor it you cannot manage it” so sub-meteringmust be high on the list of priorities now that Climate Change Agreements (CCA’s) are gaining teeth. Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AMT) routines are becoming more sophisticated so that high energy using hot spots can be quickly identified and resolved.Condition or rate of change techniques assist maintenance and can vastly reduce power outage or component failure by predicting early changes outside the norm. This form of regression monitoring can be a major factor in ensuring the AMT system qualifies for the governments Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme which allows 100% of capital coststo be written off against profit in the year of that spend. This is a big help to cash flow but systems that are certified for ECA are then seen in good light when annual CCA audits take place. Part of the ECA scheme is the Energy Technology List (ETL) which includes many energy efficient products already approved for the scheme.

Good infrastructure software can gather data from many intelligent systems, be it Asset Management, Building Management or Power and Environmental.Choose the provider with the reference sites that have a track record of working closely with the client to give them integrated solutions, which have solved the technological problems that are encountered, and workfor the manager who uses these tools on a daily basis.

It is a mistake not to understand that the IMS will require a dedicated resource to ensure the benefits are optimised. Many of these systems are neglected when installed or used only for alarm management but companies that do invest in a dedicated resource soon realise the large savings and security that they bring.

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