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What are the benefits of DCIM software?

What are the benefits of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software

DCIM Software is a relatively new breed of software, designed to give a data centre the capability of running their operations more efficiently by improving their infrastructure’s design.

In a nutshell, it is a solution designed to streamline a data centre’s management, by including all aspects of its operations in one place – from traditional data management through to physical assets, facility management, IT domain administration and so on. 
Usually, a DCIM software solution will replace numerous existing programs such as Excel and databases produced in house, combining them into one central bank of information which can be accessed in numerous different ways to fulfil any given task as required. A tailored DCIM software solution can allow a data centre to bridge information from across different domains of an organisation and therefore utilise the data more effectively.

What are the key benefits of DCIM software?

The benefits of employing a DCIM software solution within a data centre are both plentiful and valuable. The main idea behind DCIM software is to integrate all the tasks involved in a given data centre into one central system, so that they may be accessed easily and performed more efficiently, saving time and money whilst maximising productivity and profits.

Two of the greatest benefits of DCIM software to a data centre are the increased levels of productivity it produces and the valuable insights the software can provide.

How does DCIM software increase productivity?

By enabling users to access all the information they need from one central location, time can be saved with no need for logging in and out of numerous different programs and databases. Data is more accessible, more efficiently stored and more easily cross referenced – meaning that repeat tasks can be performed more quickly, and more effectively. Certainly, DCIM software solutions can dramatically increase a data centre’s efficiency in terms of work flow and capacity.

DCIM software solutions also centralise the data an organisation collects, leading to far less incomplete records and/or out of date information. Keeping everything in one place ensures records are updated effectively and reduces the chance of data entry errors.

How does DCIM software provide new insights?

DCIM software allows clear visibility of all the data which is collected. Assets can be measured against productivity, operations within the data centre can be monitored and compared against other relevant components, the data on hand can be reviewed to ascertain trends within the organisation, to determine the success of any given campaign and so on. Essentially, DCIM software can help assess a data centre’s activity to pinpoint what is working and what needs to be reassessed. Various reports can be compiled as required and used to gain insight into the organisation’s current state and to plan for the future.

In short, DCIM software allows data centre managers to locate, maintain and manage their data in any way they choose, providing them with the tools they need to run operations efficiently and to plan confidently for the future.

Are You Ready For DCIM?

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