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Our 5 Step DCIM service programme, known as ADAPT has been developed in coordination with the Sensorium software. Whether you decide that only a few steps or the full 5 steps are required, we guarantee that our experts will help you improve the efficiency of your Data Centre and save you money whilst doing so. Find out more about our 5 Step ADAPT DCIM service programme below:


ADA – Advanced Data Audit

Put simply, if you are not monitoring your environment accurately then you cannot manage it properly. We help you understand the best ways to achieve your objectives; whether that be gaining ISO50001, becoming CCA ready, to closer monitor your facilities or your IT infrastructure or having a strategy in place for when things go wrong. Once the audit is complete you will receive a report outlining the findings and our recommendations of how you should proceed.


ADP – Advanced Data Programme

The Advanced Data programme allows us to work with you so that we can set the goals and timeline for the completion of the project. This part of the ADAPT programme is vital to ensure there is minimal to no interruption with your day to day business. We will demonstrate the clear return on investment of Sensorium DCIM and our pricing structure (the cost can be spread over an agreed period) means that we are being monitored to provide the results outlined in our report.


ADS – Advanced Data Solution

You are assigned an experienced project manager during the Advanced Data Solution stage of ADAPT  who will start to implement the plan outlined within the Advanced Data Programme. “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance” – an old cliché but still rings true when designing and delivering a programme of works. Our DCIM experts approach each project with a positive attitude and are always willing to go the extra mile and respond with a high level of communication that helps see a project through to its completion.

ADC – Advanced Data Certification

Over the years we have witnessed many systems and products being sold in the data centre industry, with training and ongoing support simply as an afterthought in most cases. That’s where we are different. To achieve the long term goals set out as part of the ADAPT Programme we provide comprehensive training for the hardware and software applications. Our training ensures that Certified users of our DCIM solution are well prepared and confident in their ability to deal with any issues that arise. Quarterly visits wrapped up in the final part of the ADAPT plan help establish a rapport with our team which in turn builds confidence when using the Advanced products.


ADM – Advanced Data Maintenance

Our trained engineers will visit every quarter to work with you ensuring that the programme is meeting its objectives. The quality of our customer service is paramount to our success which is why we take great pride delivering a superior service. For years we have exceeded our customers expectations, many of which would be happy to provide a reference.

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There’s a lot more to Advanced DataCentre Systems. We don’t just provide Data Centre Infrastructure Management Solutions. We find out what you want from a DCIM, and build that solution around you – not anyone else.


ADA – Advanced Data Audit
ADP – Advanced Data Programme
ADS – Advanced Data Solution
ADC – Advanced Data Certification
ADM – Advanced Data Maintenance

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