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Advanced Data Certification

Stage 4 : Train the stakeholders and certificate the installation

Advanced Data Certification is of the highest importance to us and to our clients and is one of the main cornerstones of the ADAPT solution.

To achieve the long term goals set out in the Advanced Data Audit, Programme and Solution sections of  ADAPT,  it is imperative that the stakeholders are trained not only on how to operate the system for the day to day tasks (power monitoring, cabinet population, environment etc) but also those tasks associated with the wider data center picture  (Energy usage, performance, capacity planning , CCA etc.)

Too much money has been spent on systems that are all but redundant because the knowledge of the system is left in the hands (or memory) of a single stakeholder, who may have had only a couple of hours training before being left with the responsibility of delivering the solution to the organisation.

Our training will ensure that certified users of our hardware and software applications are not only proficient in the operation the solution, but the additional continuing ongoing support provided to certified users of the system allows the organisation to feel confident that employees tasked with supporting the installation are qualified to do just that.

Quarterly visits wrapped up in the final part of the ADAPT solution, the  Advanced Data Maintenance further help establish a rapport with our support team which in turn builds confidence at every level in your organisation for the certified users and the portfolio of Advanced products and services.

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ADA – Advanced Data Audit
ADP – Advanced Data Programme
ADS – Advanced Data Solution
ADC – Advanced Data Certification
ADM – Advanced Data Maintenance

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